Sometimes the best way to reconnect with the world is to unplug!

Santa Cruz Work Retreat

With it’s never-ending demands for constant connection, how do you unplug in today’s tech-saturated world? May we suggest looking for a place with bad cell reception and insanely beautiful views! This 4th of July, 11 of us set out on hwy 1 to that most magical of places, Big Sur, to practice what we preach.

Welcome to Outsite Unplugged — Big Sur Style.

We all look to find that middle ground between our nostalgia for the analog past, and the necessities of the modern age. It’s impossible to unplug all the time, but we have proof that you can do it for a weekend. This was the first in a series of Outsite Work Retreat weekend adventures. We hope you enjoy a little inspiration and join us on the next one.

Santa Cruz Work Retreat

Itinerary – Retreat to Big Sur

– Find the perfect sandy spot at Mitchell’s Cove and feast on a breakfast of organic wraps and peaches.

– Pull over when you see something beautiful – you can’t miss Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

– Find a campsite in the Big Sur mountains, off the beaten path above the fog. Don’t forget to cheers the sunset over a pint of local brew.

– Spend the day at Sand Dollar Beach surfing, free-diving, spearfishing, or just relaxing in the sun and surf.

– If you come upon some cool people from Santa Cruz who invite you to a full moon party with music, a bonfire and quesadillas…say “yes!”

Santa Cruz Work Retreat

Santa Cruz Work Retreat

Santa Cruz Work Retreat

It doesn’t take much. Checklist for the perfect unplugged escape:

– Beautiful campsite
– The right gear (hiking boots, sunscreen + something to surf or spear)
– Delicious food and drink
– Good people
– Adventurous spirit

Santa Cruz Work Retreat

Tips for a Zero-waste sustainable trip:

– Purchase food and drink at your local farmer’s market & minimize packaging.

– Bring reusable utensils and cups.

– Fill up growlers with beer and wine ahead of time.

– Keep waste to a minimum and pack it out with you.

– If you don’t have camp gear, you can rent it from GetOutfitted.

– For on-the-go sustainable snacks, try Patagonia Provisions.

Or you can just join us on the next one…and we’ll take care of it all!

Santa Cruz Work Retreat

Big thanks to our partners GetOutfitted for the camping gear, Patagonia Provisions for the sustainable snacks and our friends at Indosole for helping to spread the word. A special shout out goes to Julien Becal for the beautiful photos!

This is the first of many Outsite Unplugged escapes. If you are interested in joining us on future trips, please fill out the form below and we’ll add you to the list.


See you out there!

Santa Cruz Work Retreat


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