What is the secret to find balance between work and personal freedom? We put the call out to our network of digital nomad, location independent, remote working gurus and asked them a simple question: What is your personal mantra?

quotes about remote work

“Always ask why, even if it gets annoying. Ask this mostly of yourself.”

Chris Guillebeau /  Lifestyle Architecture /@chrisguillebeau
NYT bestselling author and host of the World Domination Summit

“A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but the one who creates the most leaders.” 

Ben Keene / Escape the City / @benkeene
Builder of Tribes

“Don’t focus on performing your job description, focus on making an impact.”

Brant Cooper / Lean Entrepreneur / @brantcooper
Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur

“Quite many things are still reasonably well.”

Antti & Mirje / Anywhereism /@Anywhereism
World Traveling Digital Nomads and Bloggers

Sound a bit strange? Here’s an explanation:

From the outside, the digital nomad life may seem ideal, but we still have to deal with the setbacks and challenges of everyday life. Small things can feel big at the wrong moment. At those times It’s good to remind ourselves, in a modest Finnish manner, that “Quite many things are still reasonably well.”  It reminds us to pay attention to the positive things and to value our wonderful life.

“You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. Act accordingly.”

Colin Wright / Exile Lifestyle /@colinismyname
Author, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler

“Be HAPPY in the NOW, and have a VISION for the FUTURE.”

Felicia Hargarten / DNX Global / @dnxglobal
Co-founder of the Digital Nomad Conference

Quotes about remote work

“Just because you have a nightmare, doesn’t mean you stop dreaming.”

Frankie Thompson /As the Bird FliesWriter, wanderer, mother and lover of books.

“Wherever you are, own it.”

Georgi Georgiev / Georgi.vc / @ggeorgiev
Digital Nomad Entrepreneur extraordinaire

“When you get to a new place in the world, you have to own it. Give it some time. Try the new language, meet the locals. See what this new place has to offer to you. Put your past life behind and focus on the present location. Don’t put yourself in limbo between ‘Should I stay’ or ‘Should I go’. It could always be better, but it could also be worse, so let’s just call it even.

“Do less, better.”

Josh & Jill Stanton / Screw the 9-5 / @screwthe9tofive
Digital business and lifestyle webpreneurs

“Happiness = Take care of yourself and help others.”

Leo Widrich / Buffer / @LeoWid
Co-Founder of Buffer, a 100% Remote work company

“Live life to the max.”

Marcus Meurer DNX Global / @dnxglobal
Co-founder of the Digital Nomad Conference

Quotes about remote work

“To live your dreams is a hard thing to do. Until you remove the main obstacle: Fear. Then your life will be limitless.”

Raphael Harmel / Speecheo / Codam.io / @djcodam
Entrepreneur, Open-source Hacktivist and digital nomad yogi

“Have flexiblity, on all levels.”

Rodolphe Dutel /Remotive.io / @rdutel
Founder of Remotive and remote work activist

For work, that means being able to work from any place, and adapt my own schedule as I go alongn> For travels, it’s about making decisions to stay or to go in a given place based on how I feel in the instantn> For learnings, flexibility is accessing many different sources of information through books, videos and trainingsn> Financial Flexibility – through working on various projects to generate a diversify source of income"]” data-sheets-userformat=”[null,null,16899,[null,0],[null,2,15987699],null,null,null,null,null,null,null,0,null,null,null,null,1]”>What does this look like in practice?

— I can work from anywhere and adapt my schedule as I go along.
— I can travel to new places based on how I feel in that instant.
— I can learn through diverse sources of information.
— I am able to gain financial freedom by diversifying my sources of income.

“Go outside: life is too short to watch it pass by from a desk.”

Ryan Shauers / Desk to Dirtbag / @DeskToDirtbag
Author of Big Travel, Small Budget.

quotes about remote work

“Make it happen.”

Sharon Gourlay / Digital Nomad Wannabe @DigitalNomadWan
Blogger and digital nomad wannabe

“Minimalism is key; materialism is the enemy.”

Josh Garber / Cloudpeeps / @JoshRGarber
COO of Cloudpeeps connecting remote workers with great gigs

“Take care of your body.”

Tomas Laurinavicius / Despreneur / @despreneur
Design Entrepreneur

My morning routine for 2016: Right after waking up at 5:00 am, I drink a glass of water, stretch, meditate, read, write, define goals for the day, visualize my day and long-term goals, eat and exercise. This routine keeps me focused on my health and productivity as I travel to new destinations month to month.

“Do what works for YOU, no matter how weird or wrong others think it is.”

Lea & Jonathan Woodward / Location Independent
The “OG” couple of Location Independence

“Life first! (life comes before work)”

Nick & Dariece / Goats on the Road / @GoatsOnTheRoad
Travel Lifestyle Experts … traveling the globe since 2008