Brendan was one of the very first guests at Outsite Surfhouse Santa Cruz. He spend  a weekend with us shooting the surf at the Lane before a week full of business meetings in San Francisco. When he is not in the water working on his passion for surf photography, he is leading a team of hundreds developpers.

Santa Cruz Surf House

Tell us a bit more about yourself

I’m an IT Professional/Manager. My first computer was an Apple II, bought by my dad in 1985. He was a television director and amateur photographer. So my passion for images and technology came naturally.

I was actively taking pictures and developing film until I was about 18 years old. countries. Then my love of technology took over and I’ve been very lucky to be part of both the internet boom since 1996 and now the recent growth in eCommerce.

I currently work for the largest Online Travel Agency, responsible for all IT Product Development and Corporate IT. I live in a small town near the North Sea in The Netherlands with cheap nba jerseys my wife, 4 kids and 2 dogs. I work in the city center of Amsterdam along with 750 IT professionals.

How did you get into surf photography?

The story starts around November 2011, when I finally bought a new digital camera after years of taking snapshots with some digital throwaway. Happy with my new Nikon D7000 and Tameron Tele/Zoom lens, I started taking real photos again. Not long after, all my gear , laptops, phones and PS-Vitas where stolen. So here was my chance to buy something new! I decided on a full frame D700 and a 70-300 Tele/Zoom.

I’m a sailor and have always been drawn to the water. So going to the sea to take photos came naturally. With so much wind, Kitesurfing is big in the Netherlands. I starting out taking photos of Kitesurfers. The problem with Kitesurfing is that the kite and the subject are between 22 and 25 meters away from sun each other so it’s difficult to create context within the composition.

In 2012, I took off to Morocco with my to-be wife and we toured the country until we hit Taghazout and Anchor Point was firing. I was mesmerized by the surfers taking off on double overhead waves on the point break. The next 4 days I spend on the cliffs around Anchor Point taking photos and I thought I had shot the latest Surfer Magazine cover. I was so full of confidence that I submitted my pictures Stress to for a monthly evaluation. Their main comment effektiv was basically your photos are completely uninteresting (to say it nicely). To fix it, you need to either get closer by: a) getting into the water of b) buying a longer lens. I tried the both and bought a SPL water housing for my camera.

After my first time in the water with Surfers I was hooked. To wholesale mlb jerseys make a picture in the water with the right technique, the right positioning towards the wave & surfer, good lighting, framing and maneuvering in an unpredictable ocean requires all you senses working at full speed. The end result is a dynamic photo where you suck the viewer into the wave. I started to work with some local surfers in The Netherlands and got a lot of practice. North Sea beach breaks with usually a 3 knot cheap nba jerseys current. It was a harsh learning environment for that one shot.
Santa Cruz Surf House

Where is your favorite spot to shoot?

Anchor Point. It brings good vibes back when I think of it. We Navori went back in 2013 and I shot at the Point again from the water. I worked hard to get in shape before we went and got some reasonable shots. It was good, not great.

Santa Cruz Surf House Anchor Point, Morocco

But the town of Sagres in Portugal is more versatile with many breaks that fire with different conditions. It has some perks over the town of Taghazout which can easily be described as an open sewer. Taghazout: Good waves but you are bound to get sick one day. So I would say Sagres.

How do you manage to combine this passion and such a demanding job?

Where possible I try to combine both my passion for photography and my passion di for my job. The passion for my job comes first. But with some careful planning I’m able to get some time in the water, usually near my home in Zandvoort on the Dutch Coast. I’ll be honest The Netherlands and surfing do not play well together. Our cost-line is well protected by Great Britain. And we only have 1 or 2 good days a month. So I augment that with a couple of days a year in Portugal, the US and any other good spots that cross my path.

What do you think about the Outsite Surfhouse concept? 

I love that it brings together people of the same mindset and focus.

Santa Cruz Surf House

Do you think the Santa Cruz Surf House concept could become a trend for large companies? 

I’m not sure. Large companies tent to attract a different crowd and I’m “El not sure if there is a match between that crowd and the concept. Our success on the product development side is based on collaboration and focus and having employee’s in different locations has proven not to work for us. But I bet there are many digital nomads where this will work better.
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