(originally published on The Inertia)

Nomad house Santa Cruz

The Outsite office. Designed with co-working and the surf report in mind.

The life of a digital nomad is not always as romantic as it sounds.Yes, it’s amazing to be able to work from anywhere, but that freedom comes at a price. All Nomads push through bouts of loneliness, struggle to self-motivate and bookmark every article they find on how to be more productive.

What we nomads need is a place to land – A place that feels like home with a built-in community of like-minded thinkers. We need an inspiring office space with good wifi, and perfect waves a few blocks away when it’s time to clear our head. Impossible you say? I beg to differ.

Welcome to Outsite! A new co-work and lodging concept for working professionals who love the outdoors. Think of it as a WeWork for life in beautiful places. Launched this year, Outsite already has two beachside properties in Santa Cruz & San Diego with plans to expand their unique stay, work and have fun concept into the mountains and abroad.

Nomad house Santa Cruz

One of the many waves Santa Cruz is famous for

I spent a week at Outsite Santa Cruz working and learning to surf from a big airy beach house 2 blocks from Westcliff drive. A typical day began with a fresh cup of coffee and quiet walk along the cliffs, followed by a few hours of work in the fully equipped office, broken up by a mid-day surf session, yoga or bike ride. After finishing up the day’s work, the BBQ was usually lit and it was time unwind over a glass of wine and cool conversation in the comfortable shared living space with my new friends and housemates.

Nomad house Santa Cruz

Leo Widrich, co-Founder of social media start-up, Buffer, spent a month working and learning to surf at Outsite.

What makes Outsite so unique is that it was designed with a very clear intention – to bring entrepreneurs, remote workers and creative thinkers together in a beautiful place that inspires productivity via the pursuit of work/life balance. You can stay at Outsite to find that, or sign up for one of their weekend networking events like Unplugged: Big Sur or the Startup Surfbus. I learned about the latter when 11 entrepreneurs from San Francisco arrived at the house in a VW bus to surf, BBQ and swap best remote work practices. It was an awesome bonus!

Nomad house Santa Cruz

Weekend camp trips to beautiful places like Big Sur encourage guests to Unplug. Photo by Julien Bacal.

During my week at Outsite, I never missed a deadline or a sunset. But most importantly I made amazing new friends and business connections that will pay dividends as I continue along this journey.

For more information about Outsite or to book a stay at Outsite Santa Cruz or Outsite San Diego visit www.outsite.co.