Want to Spend A Year Working Remotely? This is Your Guide on How

12 Feb 2016 | Blog, Features / Guides

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The life of a digital nomad? Sign me up!

Remote work isn’t going anywhere — I could cite statistics about the growth of the freelance economy, and the increased mobility of the workforce as the internet gets faster and reaches more places, but you know all that already. If you read the Outsite blog, you know we love the fact that so many people can come spend time with us and still kick ass in their professional lives.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about “remote year” programs: organized, pre-paid itineraries put together to help you work remotely from cool places with like-minded folks — basically like staying at Outsite for a year!

If you’re curious about them, I pulled together a quick list of some of the most popular choices. Read on to learn more about each program, and figure out if it’s a fit for you and your work/travel/life style.

Remote Year in Bali

Bali – One of the popular stops on a remote year – Photo: Wikimedia

Hacker Paradise 

As one of the older providers of organized remote coworking, Hacker Paradise has been around since July of 2014, and has since traveled to Costa Rica, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Estonia, Barcelona, Berlin, Tokyo, and Taipei. Hacker Paradise mainly attracts developers, designers, and entrepreneurs, and they have a cultural emphasis on working on side projects outside of work. They have an upcoming trip to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Bali and Indonesia) this spring, and will be in Portugal for the summer. Trips are typically 3 months, and you can join for as little as 2 weeks.

The Remote Experience 

The Remote Experience is a new company whose first cohort departs in June. Their four-month itinerary visits one country per month: Prague, Turkey, Croatia, and Italy. In addition to coworking necessities like accommodation and guaranteed high-speed wifi, they also offer a monthly event for the whole community and local guides in each country to help you get immersed from Day 1.

Terminal 3

Starting in Lisbon in June, Terminal 3 is taking up to 50 people on a six-month journey around the world: in addition to Portugal, you’ll visit Morocco, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The itinerary not includes plenty of time for whatever remote work you need to accomplish, but weekly language courses and yoga classes, volunteer days, and twice-weekly meals as a group.

Spain Remote Year

Spain – Another low-cost hot-spot for remote year itineraries – Photo: Wikimedia

coWork the World

coWork the World departs on May 1st; the cool part about the year-long itinerary they’ve planned is that it’s broken up into 7 “legs,” ranging from 30 to 80 days in each region. They’re visiting six continents and 18 countries in that time — it’s a great option for the remote worker who wants to be on the move.

Remote Year

Remote Year is another one of these programs that got a lot of buzz early on: their next 12-month trip leaves in June and will visit 12 countries in that time (from Spain to Cambodia to Chile). They offer a lot of the cool perks of other programs, but you have to buy into the whole year to participate — then again, it would be great to look back on that year that includes coworking, traveling, and giving back.

Remote Trotters

A newcomer to the ‘remote year’ scene is Remote Trotters, who currently plan to leave on their first trip year-long starting in March and will visit parts of Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. Taking advantage of affordable living situations, the itinerary will visit some of the world’s most popular cities, and provide a month in each place to get work done and experience the new culture.

P1000388 copy

Santa Cruz – One of the Outsite locations you can currently book as a member – Photo: Outsite Santa Cruz

That’s a crash course in organized options for long-term remote coworking (what a mouthful!).

But what if you don’t want to spend a year abroad on someone else’s schedule?

We’re excited to announce the creation of a new Membership program. For just $50 per month, you receive dramatically discounted access to all of the Outsite properties (starting as low as $30 per night!). Right now, we have houses in San Diego (Encinitas), Santa Cruz, and Tahoe, but we’ve heard your feedback and are planning to open several other new properties soon (think tropical!). You’ll have access to discounts at any Outsite house, and can hop between them as much as you want — and stay basically as long as you want too!

Click here to see more about our Membership program, and sign up to be among our first members. You’ll have access to great discounts, the Outsite community, and be among the first to know about new properties as we open them.

Valerie Stimac is part of the Outsite team who focuses on marketing and content, currently based in Seattle. Her favorite Outsite location is Santa Cruz.