About Us: Our Story, Mission and Team



If you’re looking for a real community of well-rounded people who are doing interesting work, including entrepreneurs, developers, designers, artists, and academics, that like to play hard then Outsite might be the right place for you. Come join us and hang out with us!

We’re building Outsite around 4 core beliefs:

Home Sharing: Home sharing is nothing new and we’ve all shared living spaces at college, in hostels or Airbnb’s when travelling.At Outsite we have decided to enhance that shared living experience and to adapt it to professionals. Unique properties, comfortable accommodations and like-minded people are part of the secret sauce.

Remote work : We learnt that you don’t need to sit in soulless office from 9 to 5 to be productive or ambitious. New technologies and flexible employers are now allowing most of the work to be done on a remote basis.

Work/life balance: We believe that people are more productive in a serene environment, far from the hustle and bustle of busy city downtown. Whether in cities, coastal towns or high in the mountains, our spaces are located in special places where you’ll find a balance between work and play. The atmosphere in the spaces is definitely quiet and work driven during the week but we are ready to play hard once the weekends kick in.

Sustainability: Our locations are close to nature so we feel we have a role to play to keep it that way. We provide bikes and most of our guests use car sharing services or public transportation. Coffee, Tea and condiments are always organic and we are a proud partner of Patagonia Provisions, a leader in sustainability sourced foods.