Living as a Service: is Subscription Co-Living the solution for transient Millennials?

The concept of “ownership” as we know it is quickly changing. Traditionally, we’ve been tied to...
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The Ultimate Guide to Co-Living

A Brief History of Co-Living Data & Trends: The Rise of Modern Co-Living Spaces Models of Co-Living Directory of Locations A Day in the Life of a Co-Living Resident Tips, Tricks, & Etiquette The Future of Co-Living It’s the age of disruption. Every major...

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7 Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad

As a child, did you imagine you would grow up and get a “real job” in an office? Or did you dream of flying airplanes and spaceships? You might be surprised to hear that many of today’s jobs require nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection, allowing you...

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How to Create a Self-Sustaining Remote Culture

Remote teams live and die by their communication and collaboration skills; if your employees are not cemented into the company’s culture early on, there’s very little chance that they will be continually motivated and engaged with their tasks. On the other hand, a...

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Down the Highway 1. Startup Surf Bus.

A group of 10 startup workers and techies piled in to the vintage VW van, and we headed down Highway 1 leaving the city behind. Stopping at the Swanton Strawberry farm on the way for some delectable baked goods.  The House has an open layout and calming feel, with a...

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